How to plan a Kids Easter tea-party.

Easter is the perfect time to gather and create a little party for your littles ones, which the grown ups will also enjoy. Kids love to emulate adults, spending hours playing tea parties with friends, so tea should be served from a teapot and with a tea cup. There are lots of caffeine -free choices that have no added sugar or nasties. 

The Decor 

A spring tea party table / setting is often a collection of various colours, plates and cups, creating an eclectic look. Secondhand shops are a great place to find china and serving pieces that can work for the party. Children love a classic tale, so why not style your Easter tea party around Beatrix Potters famous rabbit, Peter? Or if you prefer a whimsical affair, Alice in wonderland is always magic and fitting! If its your little Easter bunnies birthday and you’re thinking of doing a birthday party you could go the extra mile and hire a teepee, and they will do all the decor for you. 

Fun & Games 

To keep things fun for everyone involved download a few games and activities like an Easter egg hunt, or quiz. We suggest Bunny Tales, which is one of favourites. You can check how to play this game on our website in the “news and articles” tab for details.  Another great website to find lots of inspiration is 

The Food

Serving a selection of small foods both savory and sweet—are essential. From macarons and scones to tea sandwiches and shortbread. Finger sandwiches can be cut into  different shapes like rabbits.

For fun why not try our carrot croissant rolls ( see below). 

Simply buy ready just-rol  croissant  dough and cut the sheet into 8 strips. Use heavy duty tinfoil, form cone shapes and wrap each strip around the cone. This will go into the oven for 25-30 minutes. Once cooled fill your carrot croissant with egg salad, ham or anything else you may like and top with dill / parsley or celery leaves to make it look like a rabbits carrot! The kids will love it. 

What ever you choose to do, we hope we have given you a little inspo.